Tomb Of The Hideous

by Fetotomy

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released July 7, 2017

RJ Short: Guitar, Vocals,
Tom Kleinsmith: Guitar, Vocals
John Seleznev: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards & Synths

All lyrics written by Rj Short, except song 4
All music and lyrics on song 4 by John Seleznev
All music on songs 5,7,8 written by Tom Kleinsmith
All other music being the collective work

Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading.

Recorded at Diode Studios ® 2017 Diode Records ™



all rights reserved


Fetotomy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Blackened Death Metal Band From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Nerium
Track Name: These Woods
My voice is lost in darkness, my voice is lost among these woods.
Through these wooden hallways, my thoughts stray outside.
In this forgotten realm, my screams are muted by the night.
Under a brooding sky, my eyes will never adjust to this.

Am I to be lost forever?
Will death not show mercy to me?

My soul splinters hope, my soul is frosted.
The unrelenting cold...

Bleak are my surroundings, I am to become one with the snow.
Deep in these corridors, I have surrendered to my fate.
Am I to be here forever?

My body is bruised and broken, my body will die in these woods.
Beneath this endless twilight, my thoughts are numbed by the cold.

No emotion is left to feel.
Ready now for eternal warmth.
I slip into eternal slumber.
Where will my mind go?
Track Name: Of Dreaming, Dispair, and Dying
Hope is born in a virgin mind
Blissfully dreaming of snow
Not knowing of cruel nature
This world is a landscape
Unexplored and unknown
The naive thoughts of the one
Never knowing what is to come


Despair is quick to take hold
With the death of a dream
Sinking into doubtful thought
Depression overtakes all
The young has learned of it
This world has nothing to offer
A death of a dream is shattering


Fractured mind of life
Lethargy and damnation
Nothing left but to die
Happiness will never be
Death is the only release
With the end is a beginning
A depressing death now

Track Name: Tomb of the Hideous
Phantom hums beneath the stone
Dragged by spells of a mutated nature
Fell winds with rotting soil
Hobbling bodies of puss and blood crawl their way upon me
Initiated in forgotten chants
Blades surround the altar

Without eyes whom needs to see
Without nose the senses bleed

Rejected ears have no place
Conducted by a vagrant without a face
In tattered robes from bile and slumber
Dragged through the open hall
Torn apart to be perfected

Amongst those truly alive
The flesh is a wall to be abandoned
Give yourself to their call
Four teeth upon a skull
Six sets of eyes complete it
The argonaut who's yet to come
His temple we are subjects
Witness the splendor of taking life apart

Dissecting for reattachment
Creation now perfected
No vital fluid left to give
Nailed upon the wall
I am the perfected Eucharist
My body feeds them all

Doomed into stone
Petrified in ruin
Broken bones sucked dry
For survival of this omen
Chains to my organs disrupted into being
Forced into serving
My death was pleasing

Death is welcome in this place
Relieve your spirit of this wretched vessel
Give your flesh unto us
Your mutilation is our nutrition
Track Name: This Mortal Coil
In a state of chaos this world lives; constant fear and desperation
Evoking dormant thoughts; the daily strife is unrewarding
As the suffering continues on; the moral core slowly withers
Turning to desperation; frayed minds take on this burden

A shallow breath... of forgotten times
Under a pale sun... this place is dying
The faint sounds... a song of sadness
With failing hope... this world turns dark

In this mortal coil, one can only pray
The daily subterfuge, will come to an end
Behind a vale of tears, the vision is clouded
With no sense of closure, there is no moving on
Track Name: Upon These Holy Grounds from Whence You Came
Upon these holy grounds from whence you came
No longer a place of light, but of death
There is darkness from a century of winter
Once that was bright is now dark
Bleak, frostbitten winds desolate
Landscapes of the great dead wood
Grim and grey are the brooding skies
No sun can penetrate everlasting storms
Solemn are these times of reformation
A slow downward drift into the abyss
Sorrow and damnation ever present
The profound absence of internal light
Nothingness is all you find in this place
The end has begun, the time is nigh
In these final moments none shall remain
Track Name: Visions from Within the Womb
Conceived by rape the embryo fused
A mother unwilling and a failed abortion
Nourished by hate the fetus grew
A thought of vengeance eating at her mind
Developed by anger the unborn twisted
A plan of death the mother seeks revenge

Born from death
Born in blood
The child will grow
The child will kill
Visions... visions from within the womb

Surrounded by viscera of seething organs
A first thought of bloodshed is devised
Fed by the mother's own emotions
A color of red clouds the baby's mind
Blanketed by cold heartless feelings
A time will come when the mother dies

Born from death
Born in blood
The child will grow
The child will kill
Visions... visions from within the womb

Gestated by un-want for any life
A maternal sacrifice is the only desire
Revenge by birth and a life of pain
A last push outwards with none left to give
Birthing by fate the clock tolls for her
A time has come and the mother will die

Born from death
Born in blood
The child will grow
The child will kill
Visions... visions from within the womb

Visions... from within the womb
Track Name: Vanth
Oh! How cruel you are by nature
How wicked you treat humanity
A spawn of the Underworld
The winged demon of death (Vanth!)

Forsaker of man
Torturure of souls
Murder the young
Slaughter the world

With dark wings she comes
With red eyes she calls
The time has come
Our end is nigh

Guide us through death
Awaken us into black
Take us across the river
Help us eternally suffer

The contract is made
Our souls are hers
To where light does not go
Our infinite torture begins

Oh! How cruel you are by nature
How wicked you treat humanity
A spawn of the Underworld
The winged demon of death (Vanth!)
Track Name: Come the Spring, I Will Bury You
You died in the winter...
You died, while the ground was dead
A bitter landscape...
A bitter land, of snow and frost
As the life left...
As the life left, your eyes went black

Death come and take you
I prayed for your release
The sickness was too great
A sleep now never ending

These long nights...
These long nights, are finally over
The sweet release...
The sweet release, from suffering
Come the spring...
Come the spring, I will bury you
Track Name: Malignancy Set Upon the Stones

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